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Jason Kidd reveals that he motivates Doncic by talking about Real Madrid
Source: OK Diario

The dismissal of Xavi Hernández has reached the NBA. Luka Doncic's Dallas Mavericks are the trendy team, and good vibes emerge in the Texan team's training sessions and games. Proof of this are the last words of Jason Kidd, coach of the 'Mavs', regarding the dismissal of the Spanish coach this week. The North American explained that the Slovenian gets angry when he talks to him about Barcelona, but that if he talks about Real Madrid, things change.

"If you want Luka to talk, you talk about Real Madrid. If you want to piss him off, talk about Barcelona. So today I was joking with him and saying, 'Man, I think I'll take the job in Barcelona. Did you see how they fired his manager?'", said the Mavs coach.

Luka Doncic, since leaving Real Madrid in 2018, has never stopped following the white team. Both in football and basketball. The Slovenian is a big Madrid fan and has always spoken with honor about the white team, being a great ambassador for the club in the United States. He recently explained what it is like to have played for the best club in the world and what wearing the white shirt means in his life.

"When you play there for so many years and win there, it stays with you," said Luka Doncic to explain his success in the NBA and how well he is doing with the Dallas Mavericks, finalists of the Western Conference and already ahead in the tie. "Sometimes you remember those good moments when you triumphed and what it means to win," added the Slovenian, perfectly defining what Real Madrid's DNA is.


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