Uncovering the secrets of Real Madrid’s medical team

11 Jun 2017

Competing on the highest level and concluding the season with a glorious double, Real Madrid hold several aces in their pack, with Mikel Aramberri detailing how his Blancos medical team stay on top of one of the world’s most expensively assembled squads.

Zinedine Zidane¬†has received many plaudits regarding his extensive rotation down the final stretch and the Real doctor joined in with the praise, mentioning that the Frenchman’s management along with the assistance of the medical team led the club to glory.

“Obviously the most important thing has been Zidane’s regulation of [the players’] workload, [although] physicians with the support of physiotherapists also have done our bit,” Aramberri told RNE.

“The point is that we are a team and we always achieve the goals, and now the most important thing is to let the players rest and have their vacations.

“When they come back we will do a check-up to start the season at 100 percent, but for now the most important thing is to rest.”

He also went on to analyse the way his staff operate to maintain high standards on a daily basis.

“The medical team of the senior squad consists of nine physiotherapists and three doctors,” he said.

“Our day starts at 09:15, as we all meet and review every detail of each player: types of discomfort, training that has been done, workload etc.

“This allows us, along with the coaching staff, to refine the level of training that each player requires in case of discomfort.”

Finally, Aramberri also revealed the injury case that troubled him the most during his time at the club.

“My most difficult challenge was on November 2015 when Sergio Ramos picked up a shoulder injury that required conservative treatment and we had many problems with the previous coaching staff,” he noted.

“All the media reported that Sergio needed surgery, but I was responsible for his treatment and I knew that he didn’t require that measure.

“Despite the pressure we held firm on our position and in the end we managed to overcome the problem.”

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