The first name of Real Madrid’s Russian roulette is 13 and its surname is 33

07 Aug 2019

There is something that Gerard Pique is right about. It is very difficult to win the Champions League and that’s precisely why BarcelonaJuventusAjax and Atletico Madrid, which are the teams Diego Simeone used the other day as positive examples, have between them two trophies fewer that Real Madrid, and that’s a disaster. But Real Madrid don’t play the Russian roulette and it’s the others who do that; one team plays Russian roulette when they improvise or when they bet everything on good luck and Los Blancos have won four Champions League trophies in the last six years. That’s just a little Russian and a lot of Real Madrid.

Pique listen well and sharpen your ears: C-h-a-m-p-i-o-n-s L-e-a-g-u-e, that’s the trophy Lionel Messi promises you every year (and this year is not an exception) at the trophy named after Barcelona‘s Swiss founder. You haven’t been able to smell it since 2015, sometimes because of Kostas Manolas and other times because of Divock Origi. I hope that the best sports club in history, the best football team of the 20th century according to FIFA, The King of the World, can continue to play Russian roulette much longer, because that will mean that we will soon be celebrating The Twentieth.

Winning LaLiga has a lot of merit, Pique. A lot. And it is a very demanding competition. That is why Madrid have 33 titles and Barcelona has seven fewer. Barcelona have won eight in 11 years while Real Madrid won 15 in 22 and then, thanks La Quinta del Buitre, five in a row. Between 1986 and 1997, that is 11 years, another seven. Neither Miguel de Cervantes was Catalan, dearest Gerard, nor the league you invented, and you see how one can plot the story as it suits him. The first name of Real Madrid‘s Russian roulette is 13 and its surname is 33, from the 13 European Cups and 33 LaLiga titles. You will hang up your boots, Pique, you will preside over Barcelona, you will retire and your team will follow behind. That is your drama and my satisfaction.

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