Study suggests one in ten Catalans support Real Madrid

31 Mar 2017

New studies from the Centre of Opinion Studies for “Generalitat” found that 10.4 percent of the Catalans they interviewed were supporters of Barcelona’s major rivals Real Madrid.

That number still falls well short of Barcelona’s 77.5 percent, with Espanyol coming in third with 3.6 percent, and the list is rounded out by Athletic Club (1.4 percent) and Atletico Madrid (1.2 percent).

Additionally, 54.9 percent of Catalans feel ‘very’ or ‘fairly proud’ of the Spanish national team when they have a good performance.

Those figures come from 22.3 percent feeling ‘very proud’ of Spain when they win, while ‘fairly proud’ comes in at 32.6 percent (54.9 percent with the two combined); but the remaining feelings of emotion see 16.9 percent feel ‘a little proud’, 14.2 percent feel ‘no pride’ and 13.5 percent feel ‘indifferent’.

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