Spread your wings: The documentary focusing on Casillas’ recovery from his heart attack

21 Sep 2020

Iker Casillas is the subject of a new documentary series set to be aired in Spain this autumn called ‘Spread your wings’.

Movistar Plus followed the life of the former Real Madrid and Spain goalkeeper over the course of the past year, with 100 hours of recorded footage squeezed into six episodes.

Luis Fermoso, editor of the series for Movistar, is a student of the late Michael Robinson, who starred presenting shows like ‘El Dia Despues’.

Fermoso has revealed how he first started filming with Casillas, not long after the former goalkeeper had suffered a heart attack while training with Porto.

“The day before I was due to go on holiday, I was put in charge [of the series],” Fermoso told MARCA.

“I, delighted, was like ‘Eh?’.

“The next morning, we started filming – July 11, 2019, nine years after [Spain and Casillas] became World Cup winners.

“That day, Iker had a check-up at the Quiron clinic in Madrid.

“It surprised me to see him like that, 70 days after the heart attack, quite weak compared to the image we all have of him.

“I already knew him because I did the ‘Informe Robinson’ show about Generation Casillas in 2007, plus his interview in the ‘Informe Robinson’ episode for Spain‘s world champions.

“The idea was to tell the story of how he confronted the process following his heart attack.

“He suffered it in May and we started filming in July – and we did it in a double direction.

“While we see his recovery throughout the year, we travel back in time to gloss his figure.

“So, it’s a double story.

“Someone who is recovering from a heart attack, someone who is preparing to make the tough decision to leave football, someone who is fighting against this decision…

“Then how he progresses physically.

“What he was like on July 11 was nothing compared to a year later.

“That physical and mental progression – and everything supported by many authoritative voices.”

The series also sees a more open Casillas discuss matters like never before.

“There are things that will make you talk, phrases and moments…” Fermoso continued.

“There’s a point of greater sincerity, a distance between things.

“Everything after a heart attack, too.

“There are flashbacks where you end up saying ‘This is more complete than what had been said before’.

“Logically, there are episodes that we all know, like the Glasgow [Champions League] final, for example.

“But there are always aspects or angles in which you can open up a story.

“There are different angles because lots of time has passed.”

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