Sneijder: “I’d advise Lautaro to go to Real Madrid, not Barcelona”

09 Jun 2020

When it comes to soundbites, Wesley Sneijder never lets you down. The Dutch former player spoke to Sportsmail about his time at Real Madrid – he singled out Guti as the most talented player he has played alongside and added, “I don’t like Barcelona, I played for Real Madrid”.

Guti: “The most talented player? Without a doubt I say Guti when I was in Madrid and I played for the great Real Madrid. For me he was a formidable partner in my time in Madrid”.

Lautaro: “I’d advise him to sign for Real Madrid. A player who is physically strong and mentally strong. I can only tell him to try to play for Real Madrid but only after many years at Inter”.

De Jong: “De Jong made the best choice because he understood that his football is perfect for Spain and Barcelona. He did very well to choose Barcelona: it is a club suitable for him, when Messi will stop with football Frenkie will become even more leader”.

De Ligt: “De Ligt chose differently but Frenkie made the perfect decision for his life. De Ligt a different choice but in my opinion De Jong is forward-looking”.

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Harry Kane 6 Goals Tottenham Hotspur
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Sterling 5 Goals Manchester City