Sergio Ramos, a legendary captain

25 Jul 2017

Among the most iconic images in the history of Real Madrid, being given the European Cup holds a special place. In Cardiff, Sergio Ramos was in charge of lifting the trophy for a second season in a row and equaled other madridistas who have also lifted the trophy twice. The Andalusian defender lifted his first title as captain of the Whites when the team won la Undécima in the San Siro.

Before Ramos, Miguel Muñoz was the first captain to lift the trophy twice, lifting la Primera and la Segunda. The next to do so was Zárraga in 1959 and 1960. Sanchís is the other madridista to lift the cup twice, lifting la Séptima and la Octava. As well as these four historic players, the other captains to have lifted the European Cup were Juanito Alonso (la Tercera), Gento (la Sexta), Hierro (la Novena) and Casillas (la Décima).

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