Real Madrid fans hit out at Bale: “He should give back a minimum of what he has received”

27 Nov 2021

The Federation of Real Madrid Supporters in the Madrid Province have put out a harsh statement criticizing Gareth Bale’s situation at Real Madrid.

It comes after comments from his agent, Jonathan Barnett, when he criticised the behaviour of fans of Los Blancos.

“It’s irrelevant, I don’t care what Real Madrid fans think. Why should I care? I think they have been disgusting to Gareth Bale. They have behaved badly,” Barnett said when asked about the press about the thoughts of Real Madrid fans on Bale’s latest injury.

The statement in full

From the Federation of Real Madrid Supporters in the Madrid Province, we want to show all our repulsion and condemnation towards the words expressed by Jonathan Barnett this week during the first meeting of European agents held at the Ciudad del Futbol.

At that meeting, Gareth Bale’s representative stated that ‘It’s irrelevant, I don’t care what Real Madrid fans think. Why should I care? I think they have been disgusting to Gareth Bale. They have behaved badly.’

This is by no means the first occasion on which the agent in his 70s has directed fierce criticism against Real Madrid as an institution or against Los Blancos fans.

The penultimate episode in which he demonstrated his notorious lack of politeness took place last year, when the subject of his attacks was Zinedine Zidane, then coach of the first team: ‘Zidane is a disgrace. He shows no respect for a player who has done so much for Real Madrid.’

On more than one occasion, the Briton has made it clear that, according to him, all Real Madrid fans should roll out the red carpet for the player he represents.

Gareth Bale, who in his early years in the Madrid discipline lived a golden period on and off the pitch despite his increasingly numerous injuries, has already caused tiredness and weariness in the vast majority of our fans.

And it could not be otherwise; this season, and because of his numerous absences for medical reasons, he has barely played 193 minutes with the club while whenever he has to play with his national team he recovers surprisingly, only to relapse at the end of his international commitments.

We have been suffering this situation for several years now, in which the player is only available to defend the Welsh shirt.

We do not understand exactly what behaviour Mr. Barnett is referring to, as the fans have no opportunity to show their opinion to the Cardiff-born forward.

Let’s remember that since it is not compulsory for players not called up to attend Real Madrid matches, Gareth Bale has not attended any of them, so the encounter between the two is absolutely non-existent.

On the other hand, we believe that the still Real Madrid player should give back a minimum of what he has received from Real Madrid and rectify the words of his agent (from whom, given his moral character, we cannot expect anything).

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