Could Neymar become a Figo 2.0?

12 Nov 2017

Guti said the other day on Spanish TV show ‘El Chiringuito’ that Barcelona are a step below Real Madrid and he is correct. In fact, whenever a player has had the chance to wear both shirts, that of the biggest sports team in history and that of the Azulgrana, 90 percent of these players convert to Madridismo. It happened with Luis Figo. It happened with Ronaldo. It happened with Bernd Schuster. It also, although he won’t admit it, happened with Michael Laudrup. Even Diego Maradona, who only played for Barcelona, has no issue with saying he would have liked to play for Real Madrid.

I am sure, if it came to be, that the same thing would happen with Neymar. If Neymar ends up wearing the white of Real Madrid as a result of one of the incredible turnarounds that football sometimes throws up, I don’t have any doubt that he would forget his Barcelona past when he hangs up his boots once and for all and that he’d go on to form part of the select group of Madrid apostles. On one side there would be Figo, Schuster, Laudrup and Ronaldo and on the other only Luis Enrique. There’s no more to say.

If, as they say is the case, Neymar is not happy at PSG and he falls within Real Madrid’s range, I would go all out for him. I would go for Neymar because he is an extraordinary footballer and he would suit Real Madrid very well. Yet I would also go for him because his signing would do a lot of damage to Barcelona. He would be something like a Figo 2.0, but with the French club acting as a bridge. Although 17 years have passed since Figo’s move, Barcelona fans still haven’t recovered from it. So how long would it take them to get back up if Neymar saw the light and moved to Real Madrid?

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