Lorenzo Sanz: The president that changed the history of Real Madrid

22 Mar 2020

Lorenzo Sanz will live long in the memory of everyone connected with Real Madrid.

The club’s modern era of success started with his seventh European Cup triumph in Amsterdam.

Sanz wasn’t a business school person, but he started on his road to the top form a young age, running errands for a hairdresser.

He progressed up the food chain quickly, making big profits off deals he agreed in the boot of his car.

As he got older, he became a successful real estate developer, building up a significant fortune in the booming construction sector during the 1980s and 90s.

After learning from Ramon Mendoza, Sanz took over from him as Real Madrid president in 1995 and led the club into a golden age.

Now in charge of the club he loved, Sanz got to business and loved to make signings. He had the soul of a sporting director.

“When I roll up my sleeves, I only need 24 hours to sign someone,” he used to say.

Not only did he like signing players up and negotiated contracts, but he was also like an extra scout, preferring to watch transfer targets live in the flesh before going after them.

It was one of his signings that brought him that coveted seventh European title as Predrag Mijatovic scored the winner against Juventus in the 1998 final.

That title was alone was enough to write Sanz into the Real Madrid history books, let alone everything else he did for the club.

He was a true Madridista, rest in peace.

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