Graphic explaining how is made the mask of Ramos

01 Dec 2017

Sergio Ramos will return to the team on Saturday to play against Athletic Bilbao after suffering a broken nose in the Madrid derby courtesy of Lucas Hernandez’ boot. The captain missed three games but will be ready to resume his role this weekend thanks to a special mask to protect his face.

The mask was custom designed with the player showing it off on social media recently before wearing it more recently at Real Madrid training to get used to wearing it.

It is made by Podoactive and the graphic shows the process to make the mask. The masks are made of carbon fiber using scanning technology and 3D design. It weighs just 65 grams – roughly the equivalent of a medium-sized mandarin. It costs €300 and adapts perfectly to your face so visibility is not affected and Real Madrid really hope that is the case.

As you can see from the graphic, the old way of creating the mask involved molding the mask around the face but this was very inconvenient for the person and for the area that is injured. The 3D technology helps to avoid any unnecessary touching of the area. You can also see where the picture is taken of the face with a handheld device and the sculpture is created from this.


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