Florentino Perez: “We want the third consecutive Champions League”

24 Jun 2017

The future of Real Madrid is optimistic and one in which Florentino Perez sees the club winning an unprecedented third consecutive Champions League.

Sporting and economic successes, and a young staff, are the foundations on which the president believes the club can build.

How is the image of Real Madrid worldwide? How does Florentino Perez perceive it?

“In a spectacular way. It has always been and will continue to be so. With our sports and economic project, we will continue to be leaders. We work with more than 400 schools in the world on a social level but we want to reach 1,000 schools. We must be exemplary in everything. In my life I have never criticised a referee, a player, a coach … no one. The image that gives Butragueno is exceptional and the one given by our coach and players, also, especially Ronaldo. All the children in the world want to take a picture with him and that prestige feeds. Our social networks have been the first to pass 100 million followers.”

Has the relationship with Atletico returned to normal after the Theo case?

“There was never an agreement [not to sign each other’s players] except with children. If one has an interest in the other, one speaks and if it is possible, a transfer is done. There has never been anything else. Many players of Real Madrid have finished up at Atletico.”

Do you have challenges after winning three Championships in four years and two of them in a row?

“Real Madrid is a constant challenge. We want to make history and achieve the third consecutive Champions League, that is our new incentive. The players have already spoken about it.”

What does the stadium mean in the new project of Florentino Perez?

“Everything goes on. The Special Plan was approved three days ago and now the first licenses are being processed to make the contract we have with IPIC effective.”

Will you have a name or surname for the Santiago Bernabeu?

“We’ll see. It is a possibility that is being studied at the moment.”

What is the goal of the academy? To ascend to the second division or to form players for the first team?

“I’m proud of the academy. At the end of the season, we analyse how many players can go up to the first team or be first division players. The goal is that everyone ends up playing in the first team, but it’s not possible.”

Does Zidane have a voice and a vote in the making of the team?

“Yes, but there has never been any problem with him. Neither last year nor will there be this. We will sit down when the time is right. He knows what we want and what fans want. Before going on holiday, Zidane told us that he would be happy to continue counting on all the players.”

Did he say that for convenience, so there were no problems with the arrival of new players?

“He said it because we have some spectacular players, the best possible team. It would make us very happy too. Zidane shows that confidence at the moment when he rotates the entire team and everyone has played. Next season he will continue to do the same and that is why we are interested in having young players because they will have minutes and will continue to improve. It’s okay for Vallejo, Theo, Asensio …”

There are renewals, right?

“We like to renew everyone before they have less than two years of contract left.”

Why have you waited so long with Isco?

“Isco had doubts and that is why he has delayed everything a little. Now it seems that everything is solved and he will sign when he returns form his vacation.”

Benzema, Varane, Carvajal, Asensio and Sergio Ramos, any more?

“These are different cases, but our idea is to renew all those players. Some for two years, others for one. Most will sign the new contract the moment they return from holiday.”

What happened to Pepe?

“I have not spoken to Pepe either. I explained our idea and that we would be delighted if he would continue for another year. We thought he could play another year and he wanted two.

Do you contemplate the creation of women’s football in Real Madrid?

“We will not buy a place and start signing players. Our idea is to do it from the bottom, from the lower categories. We want to help the training of girls as we do with children, but for this we must have an adequate structure and provide Valdebebas with the infrastructure it needs to provide the best possible service. We would like that in a few years.”

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